PostHeaderIcon Are You Ready for Off Road Biking?


If you’re of a certain age, you probably have memories of those dark days before advent of the BMX bike. BMX bikes, if you’re not familiar with them, are the precursor to the modern mountain bike. These rugged little bikes were stripped down versions of standard bikes with some custom off road wheels, padding and a wheelie friendly handle bars.

At some point in the 1970’s, a bike designer got the idea to pair the durability of a BMX bike with the control of a road bike and the sport of mountain biking was born. Nowadays, mountain bikes are far more common than traditional bikes. But like their off road automotive brethren, few of them see much time off road.

Part of the problem with getting a bike off road is that getting to the good trails requires a car with a carrier. Unfortunately, rooftop or hitch bike racks are expensive, and difficult to install. But if you’re willing to invest in a high quality Thule Ascent or other name brand carrier, you’ll find that getting your bike up to the hills to enjoy fast paced off road action isn’t tough at all.

So go ahead and make your bike and car as off road friendly as you are.

PostHeaderIcon Network trading on Facebook 101

Network trading on Facebook. Facebook is the 2nd most vilocationd location in the world. Only 2nd to Google. With over 947 Million monthly hardworking users, it just makes sense to market your enterprise on the top communal media location in the world. And why not? All of the foremost companies are utilising Facebook to spread the gospel of their enterprise. Have you observed. when you wish one of your Facebook friends a “Happy anniversary” Facebook suggests buy twitter followers   that you purchase them some of whatever they “Liked.” Starbucks, Netflix etc. Its genius in my attitude. So market your MLM enterprise Facebook like the big friends. If not, you are doing yourself and your business a huge disservice.

So you don’t have a Facebook huh?

Its still strange when I meet persons and they tell me they don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t realise why any grave business proprietor or entrepreneur wouldn’t have one. When I inquire persons why don’t they have a Facebook account. I get the identical answer. “I had one but I deactivated it because of my girlfriend/boyfriend.” The torment with that. If your colleague has self esteem matters that’s to bad. You will be missing out and here’s why.

Why Market on Facebook?

Network trading on Facebook.

*483 Million daily clients.
*425 Million wireless clients
*The mean client spends 20 minutes per visit.
*Everyday over 10,000 websites are integrating Facebook functionality into their sites.